Sarah Lucia Hoagland

Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value

Never laugh at live dragons...


Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value uses lesbian experience as a starting point for redefining ethics.

The overall thesis is that the values from anglo-european ethical philosophy undermine rather than promote lesbian connection.

Challenging control in lesbian relationships, the book develops an ethics relevant to lesbians under oppression — one which avoids both blaming the victim and victimism, embraces the spirit of lesbian resistance, and encourages plurality.

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Institute of Lesbian Studies (ILS)
ISBN-10: 0934903034

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Even though she [Hoagland] means this book to be a tool for anyone already embracing lesbian sensibilities, the ideas and concepts she calls "Lesbian Ethics" can be used as strategies by all people who want to get back "our most precious achievement…connection among ourselves across many barriers. – Gloria E. Anzald˙a

Part reminder and part call to new value, there are no easy answer here, no once-and-for-alls, but a fearless intelligibility which can help us avoid the mistakes of the past as we embrace the dynamism of the present and future community. –Kate Clinton